How do I create a MAPI profile for POP3?

 Create a MAPI profile for POP3.

Follow the instructions below to set up a MAPI profile in Window for POP3. You will need to do set up a MAPI profile if you want to use the MAPI interface option in IsItUp for email setup.


  1. Go to the control panel and select the Icon labeled Mail.



  1. Select the Show Profiles button.




  1. If any names appear in the list box, you have a MAPI profile setup already.  If you are not familiar with MAPI profiles, proceed with caution as you may make an existing MAPI profile in use inoperative.  Select the Add button.




  1. Choose a name for your new MAPI Profile.


  1. Select the Next> button.


  1. Select the POP3 radio button and then select the Next> button.


  1. Fill in you POP3 information provided by you ISP. Make sure that the Remember password check box is checked.  Be sure to test you settings with the Test Account Settings button. After a successful test, select Next>.


  1. Select the finish  button.
  2. Then launch IsItUp and selected the configuration screen. It should look as follows:


  1. Make sure that the MAPI profile name is the same as was selected in step 4 and that the password is blank.


As it turns out, depending on your operating system and MAPI version, that screens may appear some what different but this should get you through it.  If you have additional problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.